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According to information provided by World Health Organization approximately 10% of the world population suffers from allergy. Out of this number 1.5-2% falls on the share of bronchial asthmas. According to information there are nearly 15 million people in the world who are ill with bronchial asthmas.

 “Asthmas” is a word of Greece origin, which means “blockage of breath (dispnoe), deficiency of breath (apnoe)”. Depending on various ethological factors, bronchial asthmas is an allergic and chronic disease affected by multiplication of secretions edemas, bronchus’ sleek muscle’s spasm and as their result an arise of asphyxiation condition. Spleoteraphy - treatment in salt mine (pit) is more effective in healing of various decease as well as bronchial asthmas.

 “Spleoteraphy” is a word of Greece origin, which means “Spelaion”- cave, pit and “therapy” – treatment. A treatment carried out in the condition of salt mine is widely spread in the counties of Italy, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, etc. The first treatment under the salt mine conditions was carried out with the patients of rheumatic poly arthritis disease in 1871 at stalactite and stalagmite mines of Monsumman residential settlement of Toskana province situated not far from Florence city, Italy. The treatment of the patients with bronchial asthmas under the salt mine conditions incidentally appeared in 40th of the last century. During the Second World War the people had rushed into the refuge of karstenite mine pit in Vestal Germany for protection from the attacks of Soviet air force bombarding. Having been there for a long time the ill people with bronchitis and with bronchial asthmas despite the tense neurotic distortions and fear, had started to feel well; that means their dispnoe-suffocation had stopped and coughing were lessoned. There was opened a treatment point in Klutert after the war for caring the patients with respiratory diseases. The karstenite mines have also started to function in Yoshvafe province of Mishkilshe city of Hungary since 1954, in Skhaltubo city of Georgia the Petri Movime” mine since 1971. Calcium ions dominate in mine’s microclimate. There are also mines in microclimate of which sodium chloride (Na+Cl+) ions dominate. The similar salt mines have been functioning in Krakov city of Poland since 1968, in Soltino township of Uzhgorod city in Ukraine since 1972 and in Nakhchivan Azerbaijan since 1979. Even in Soviet period professor M.D.Trokhtin, Head of Ukraine Scientific Research Institute of Balneology having seen the preferences of Nakhchivan Physiotherapy Hospital in caring non specific diseases of lung’s bronchitis asthmas apparatus in 1980 gave it a special reference.