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Up to now, around 3,500 patients have been treated since the hospital was opened (Spleoteraphy). Out of these numbers 30-35% had not been observed regaining asphyxiation cases. The situation with the children is much better comparing with adults.

    Children’s recovery is usually observed at the 4th or 5th days. It is a bit different with adults. However, depending on the processes of illness run, one group had a bettering situation after two weeks, some of them had it at the end of treatment and some of them felt the recovery after 15-20 days they had left the hospital.

 After spleoteraphy of the patients with bronchitis asthma the number of cases with asphyxiation either becomes less or they entirely disappear; the dry coughs become less or become cough with sputum, night sleep becomes better (night suffocations become less and the cases of deficiency of breath stops), asphyxiations decrease; the amount of erythrocyte and eosonofils in blood which were increased start to be decreased, esonofils get decreased in sputum; the sedimentation speed of erythrocyte becomes normal or gets decreased; one minute respiration of lung lessens. The path of bronchus gets cleaned (the patients breathing becomes free); the pulse becomes normal or tachycardia doesn’t disturb anymore; systolic and diastolic pressures relatively fall down (it is not possible not to mention the salt mine’s hypo tensed influence).

In electrocardiography the enlarged T tooth’s amplitude relatively lessens. The amount of free histamine in blood plasma becomes less; but histaminases increase; histydindecorobocsilasa lessens; the relatively lost much amount of calium gets restored; calcium and natrium’s quantity falls.

As a result of spleoteraphy the quantity of albumins increases up to 53.67%; the amount of globulins decreases up to 17.7-18.5%. This is indication of the processes of improvement of liver proteinsgeneration capacity.

 A therapeutic effect with ill persons having bronchitis asthmas is created because of salt mine’s special microclimate, non-existence of allergens (allergen is factor creating allergic diseases), existence of Na+ and Cl+in the air in the shape of ions. As a result of permanent barometric pressure there are created the biochemical and clinical effects.

    Generally, it is better if the treatment is carried out in complex order. The sensitive to allergy foods (lemon, mandarin, orange, strawberry, egg, chocolate, fish and other controlled allergic food) are cancelled.

    In case of worsening the patient’s condition in collateral it is prescribed the elimination therapy.

   Together with bronchitis asthmas at Nakhchivan Physiotherapy Hospital the treatment of other diseases, like asthmatic bronchitis, pre asthmas, Pollinosis also give good results after the spleoteraphy.

    Pollinosis (in English “Pollen” means, a small part of Pollinosis) is an atopic group of allergic diseases. As a result of influence allergens - some vegetation, trees, bushes- on the people with hypersensitivity the following diseases may happen: inflammation of conjunctivitis, inflammation of nasal mucosa membrane (rhinitis), and in some cases the disease passing to the stage of inflammation of bronchia, skin and intestine’s mucosa membrane to create an illness called Pollinosis. Because of its seasonal character, depending on which month a patient becomes worse, he should 20-30 days ahead get a spleoteraphy. In order to prolong the remission period the patient is recommended to get at least once during three continual years a spleoteraphy.