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Monday, 27 March 2023
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Up to now, about 3,500 patients have been treated since the hospital was opened (Speleotherapy). Asphyxiation was not observed in 30-35% patients for 3-5 years. Its effect in children was much better.

Recovery in children is observed on the 4th or 5th days of the treatment, but it is different with adults. However, depending on the severity of illness, some patients feel better after two weeks, some at the end of treatment, while some others recover 15-30 days after leaving the hospital.

After speleotherapy, the number of asphyxiation either decreases or disappears; the dry cough becomes less or turns to a productive cough; night sleep becomes better (night suffocations become less or stop), breathlessness decreases; the increased amount of leukocytes and eosinophils decreases, eosinophils get decreased in sputum; the erythrocyte sedimentation rate becomes normal; a minute ventilation lessens. The bronchial tree gets cleaned (the patients breathe freely); the pulse becomes normal and tachycardia is not complained; systolic and diastolic pressures become low (it is impossible not to mention the salt mine’s hypertension influence).

In electrocardiogram, the amplitude of tall T wave relatively lessens. The plasma histamine level in patients decreases; but histaminases increase; histidine decarboxylase decreases; the lost amount of potassium is restored; the quantity of calcium and sodium falls.

In the result of speleotherapy the amount of albumins increases up to 53-67%; while globulins decreases up to 17.7-18.5%. It shows that the function of producing protein grows better.

A therapeutic effect in the patients with bronchial asthma arises in the result of the mine’s special microclimate, absence of allergens (an allergen is the pathogenic factor in allergic diseases), existence of Na+ and Cl+ ions in the air. Permanent barometric pressure influences allergic inflammation reflectively. The chain of chemical reaction breaks and biochemical effects are formed.

Generally, a complex therapy is always advisable. The allergic food (lemon, tangerine, orange, raspberry, egg, chocolate, fish and other kinds of tested allergic food) is refused. In the severe form of the disease, it is applied together with elimination therapy.

Besides bronchial asthma, in the treatment of other diseases, like asthmatic bronchitis, pre-asthma, pollinosis the speleotherapy in Nakhchivan Physiotherapy Hospital gives good results too.

Pollinosis (in English “Pollen” means, a small part of Pollinosis) is an atopic group of allergic diseases. The influence of some allergic plants, trees, bushes cause hypersensitive people to be seriously ill with conjunctivitis, inflammation of the mucous membrane inside the nose (rhinitis), in some cases bronchitis, skin inflammation, in inflammatory bowel disease which creates the illness called pollinosis. As this disease is seasonal, speleotherapy should be followed 20-30 days before the complication appears. In order to prolong the remission period the patients are recommended to get speleotherapy at least once for three continual years.