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Monday, 27 March 2023
(+994 36) 544-49-41  (+994 36) 554-03-87 Duzdag mine road Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan


The development of tourism in the autonomous republic is kept in focus

Tourism is one of the key areas of economic development in developed countries and plays a key role in ensuring employment. Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is also focusing on the development of this field, new service areas are created, infrastructure is upgraded.
The favorable geographical position of the Autonomous Republic, diversity of flora and fauna, cultural-historical heritage, rich national cuisine, hospitality tradition open up great prospects for the development of tourism. Historical monuments of ancient times - Muminya Khabar, Garabaghlar, Gulustan tombstones, Gamigaya settlement, Alinjagala, symbol of the inviolability of our people, Goygol, Batabat, "Ashabi-Kakhf Sanctuary" Religious and Cultural Monument Complex and hundreds of other art His works are the main tourism resources of Nakhchivan.

Construction and renovation works, modern cars, which have been widely used


Modern hostels are an essential condition for rural tourism

The upcoming summer days are coming. It is a dream of most people to spend time in the village and enjoy meaningful leisure. Compared to those traveling to faraway places, there are also few in the community who choose greenery within a couple of hours. In this sense, the increase in the number of houses owned by the villagers in our Autonomous Republic opens up good opportunities for the development of rural tourism. These beautiful houses in our mountain villages are one of the important conditions for the comfort of tourists during hot summer days.
Accommodation opportunities for tourists, modern amenities created here are among the most important